Time | Limited Edition Print

Time | Limited Edition Print

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Limited Edition Print of 25 per print size. Size guideline below.

Total Edition: 100

Giclée print on Hahnemühle Pearl paper.

Printed on demand, inspected, signed, and dated by myself.

Free worldwide delivery.

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Size Guideline (Approx.)

  • 20 x 30 inch. - 508 x 762 mm - A1

  • 16 x 24 inch. - 406 x 609 mm - A2

  • 11 x 16 inch. - 279 x 406 mm - A3

  • 8 x 12 inch. - 203 x 304 mm - A4

A couple of points about Giclée printing

  • Archival, pigment-based inks. When such inks are applied to high quality archival substrates this results in an unbeatable archival lifespan of up to 200 years. Additional info: archival life of 80 years in daylight, and 200 yeas in the dark.

  • Professional Giclées use 3 different tones of black and grey ink cartridge. Because these inks can be applied to the paper in pure form (without any colour noise from the other colour cartridges), you can expect exceptionally clean, colour-cast-free black & white Giclée prints.

  • Giclée printers have a higher dot per square inch resolution than normal inkjet printers, allowing you to produce finer, less pixelated prints than you could with a home inkjet printer.

About your print

  • The print run is limited to the number stated, no more have been or ever will be printed.

  • All prints will be signed, numbered and dated by myself - by hand, on an area of the print that will not be visible if framed. In addition, you will know the exact number of your print within that print run.

  • Sent with your order will be a hand-written personal note from myself confirming the Limited Edition details of your print. I prefer this to a certificate of authenticity as I feel it adds a more personal touch. Hopefully you think so too.

  • Delivery times will vary from approximately from one to three weeks. The order will be placed, and once received in my hands I will quality control the print. Once I am happy with the quality, I will do the above (sign, date, number, write a personal note of authenticity) and deliver it to wherever you happen to be in the world.

  • Delivery is free world-wide.